Who We Are

Who We Are 

Our Mission

We build brands that harness the power of good. How different our lives are when we decide what is important to us, and keeping that picture in mind, we manage each day to be and do — what really matters most.

We Believe Anything Is Possible

We are listeners. When you listen you learn. When you learn you become open to infinite possibilities. We believe when there is integrity, there is trust. When there is trust, you are open to collaboration. Through strategic partnerships, anything is possible.

How We Work

We don't settle. We are accountable for everything we do. The concept is simple. You tell us your goals. We align your goals with your mission; then we work with your team to create the strategy, concepts, and creatives to ignite your brand. Just like a ghostwriter is to an author — we are your behind the scenes creative muscle. We are able to mobilize quickly, capture the authenticity of your brand, help you get the job done — and measure results.

We Dare To Be Different

Unconventional thinking focused on a strong moral compass allows us to build and extend your brand. Our seasoned, bold collaborative team of digital experts, designers, writers, strategists, consumer research specialists, web architects, marketing strategists, event planners, concert managers, virtual and live event producers will open up opportunities you’ve never envisioned before. Collectively we have helped to build one of the largest telecommunications companies from the ground up, assisted in the development of cause related marketing with one of the greatest ad agencies in the world, and became the spark that created two of the greatest taglines ever — both still in use today.

We Inspire Imagination and Innovation

At our core we are storytellers and you are at the center of the story. We believe people and passion inspire innovation. Brands live in the imagination which is the world of the ideal. We build brands that pay it forward. Making dreams real is what drives and inspires our team. That is why we love what we do.

We Help You Realize Your Vision

Brands do not become successful because the company that developed them is lucky; they become successful because the organization that embraces them is smart, driven, and focused on creating a better world. Why settle for a brand simply to sell products — when you can build a brand that moves an entire generation?

We Are: Perception Is Reality

For more than 30 years PIR has been the pinnacle in artistry and return on invested capital for our clients. Through groundbreaking high impact branding, we consistently deliver marketing strategies that defy expectations and define tomorrow's trends. We work in partnership with the worlds’ most recognizable brands, creative agencies, and entertainment companies to harness the power of good.